Variantis partition system: Solid wood stylishly combined with glass

Whether open or glazed: The solid wood partitions of our Variantis product system facilitate interior design without compromise. With the highest flexibility in cutting and design, we manufacture customised solutions that are precisely matched to your specific application. Specialised skills enable us to produce sophisticated custom-made solutions, for example, for listed buildings. From a functional point of view, we can supply the partitions equipped with fire protection, smoke protection and sound insulation.

Framing elements to bespoke dimensions

You can obtain our partition framing elements both in standard sizes and in individual dimensions of your choice. We produce fixed elements in one piece in heights up to 3000 mm. Heights exceeding that can be produced as coupled units. The range of applications is unlimited, because the individual components can be joined without any problems. Additional options result from the combination of partition elements with our door systems, which include single or double-leaf commercial doors.

Fire, smoke and soundproofing function

Frame elements with special functions are one of Nordemann's key strengths, which we use for both partition walls and door systems. The various protective functions can be added individually or in combination as desired. In terms of fire protection, our room partitions with fixed glazing are classed fire resistant F30 according to DIN 4102 13.

Variantis BR 68/80

The Variantis partition system with the 68 x 80 mm base profile reflects our extensive expertise in the application of solid woods. The individual modules are fully assembled and can be installed in the room immediately. Matching edge profiles provide for ideal covering of joints.

Profilaris BR 78/55

Our Profilaris product line is based on a 78 x 55 mm base profile. Nordemann supplies the desired frame as a kit of parts. Glass inserts are installed on site by the customer. The individual elements can be freely combined and joined together without unsightly coupling joints.

Numerous design variants

Nordemann's product range includes frame elements with panelling and those with glass inserts, including glass-separating or surface-mounted muntin bars on request. The choice of surface finishes is almost unlimited. Versions in real wood, solid or veneered, are as much a part of the range as HPL laminates. Painted variants are supplied clear varnish and in any other colour in the RAL/NCS colour palettes. Alternatively, you can also obtain our components rough sanded or primed for subsequent painting. The painted and veneered versions have radiused edges, which exceed the German safety requirements (KiTa Kante) for child daycare facilities.