Puriantis partition system: F30 fire resistant barrier with maximum transparency

With their Puriantis partition system, Nordemann offers a fully-glazed F30 fire resistant barrier that combines reliable fire protection with maximum transparency. We manufacture this glazed partition system, whose functionality and aesthetic appearance are equally compelling, in a wide range of variants, which facilitates ideal adaptation to customer-specific wishes. With a view to flexible interior design, the partition system can be combined with both block frames and Nordemann fire doors.

Perfectly adapted to all spatial conditions

The partitions in our Puriantis range are individually made to customer specifications, allowing architectural freedom in terms of design and dimensions. Within the individual components, glazed areas up to 1600 mm wide and 3500 mm high can be produced to your specifications. Unlimited lengths can be achieved by connecting the individual glasses with silicone butt joints. Corner units are also possible, with angles between 90  and 180 .

Safety glass and double fixing options

The safety glass used for the glazed areas has a total thickness of at least 27 mm, while for the inner and outer leaves we use tempered or laminated glass with a minimum thickness of 6mm. For the ceiling and wall fitting of this glazing wall, there is a choice between a solid wood solution and direct fixing with stainless steel brackets. When fitted with stainless steel brackets, the face dimension is 25 mm. The solid wood version comes with a face width of 38 mm including glazing bead.

Can be combined with our T30 RS fire doors

If openings are required in the glazed partition, two product lines from Nordemann's fire door portfolio are available. For solutions with maximum transparency, there is our CE-tested Meridian all-glass door, a single-leaf T30 RS fire door. Alternatively, you could consider the Magellan solid wood-framed door (single or double-leaf). It also has a T30 RS fire and smoke rating and features an exceptionally slim frame width.